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(All these photos are actual screen shots taken from our wedding videos)


"Thanks so much! We watched the whole video and loved it!  Thanks so much again!"  Jade & Michael

"We got our videos and I can't thank you enough for capturing our day so perfectly.  The video was so well done and every detail and important moment was included."  Christina & Ryan

"I just want to say thank you so much for being there on our special day! Since the moment I first reached out to you, you have been nothing short of amazing. You were in constant contact with me from beginning to end. Anytime I had a question I knew whether I called or emailed I would get a timely response. When I was concerned about lack of photos I had, you had no worries and made an absolutely beautiful video. On the day of the wedding you arrived on time and ready to go with an excellent attitude and sense of humor which is needed for our group!  You have such an amazing personality which made it so easy for us to be ourselves with the camera rolling!  Everyone loved you especially Jon and the rest of the groomsmen they talked about you for day's after the wedding!  The growing up video you played for us during dinner was such a HUGE hit and one of our favorite parts of reception! Your work speaks for itself and we had a blast with you during the bridal prep. It really felt like you were apart of the family and still so very professional in every way. We are so excited to see the video and have already received so many request for when it is ready. It will be something we will cherish forever! The day was so hectic and the reception was crazy but you honestly made things so simple! We are so happy to have met you and truly appreciate all you have done."  Nicolle & Jonathon Notte

"Our video is amazing!!!!  Thank you so much for capturing everything that we didn't see, forgot, and our favorite parts from the wedding day!  A video is truly a must have for a wedding!  Thank you so very much!  Your work is excellent!"  Gene & Alecia

"We got the video and watched it yesterday- I can not tell you how impressed we are! Your video documented so much of the setting that our pictures did not- our guest book, the entrance floral arrangement, my nephew running around. Each part of the day was represented and it was a joy to see things we were not able to on the day. You went above and beyond! Your edits were far beyond what we expected for the package. Since the wedding my grandmother has passed away, and having her on tape giving us a toast was beyond priceless to me- I am so happy to have moments like that on tape! You did such a wonderful job!! I have already written to our wedding planner to tell her how happy we are and suggest that she recommend you to others!! Thank you again and again"
Kate and PJ

"Just relived the best day of my life through my favorite movie ever...our wedding video.  We laughed, we cried, we laughed again, and then we cried again, well I did...Jay just laughed with and at me!  Thank you Back Row Video for capturing our hearts and emotions through the details and special moments that we either didn't remember or missed. 4 Thumbs up from the toughest critics...ok, 2 thumbs up form the toughest critic and 2 thumbs up from the groom!"  Liz and Jay

"We just received the DVD today and watched it.  We LOVE the wedding video!!!!  Thank you so much for filming our special day.  You did such an amazing job and we are so grateful you were able to capture such a special moment in our lives.  The video came out so great and it was so much fun to re-live the wedding.  Thank you again so very much!!!!" Ryan & Elyse

"We watched it and LOVED it.  You did a great job!  You even edited our song so it didn't skip!   Thank you so much.  We will recommend you to anyone we know. Great service, great price." 
Matt & Amanda

"We got our DVD today and just finished watching it.  Thank you so much, it was perfect!!  You caught all of the important details, important people, and all the fun we had.  We can't thank you enough for giving us such a wonderful memory of our day.  Our photos were great, but they just don't compare to the video.  Thank you so much, and please feel free to use us as references if you ever need one." Kerry & Craig

"My family extends their praise and appreciation for the video, lots of compliments.  Thanks again Chad.  The Video is a BIG hit.  We love IT!!!!!"  Sara & Bryan

"We've watched our video only about a million times!  Our boys always ask to watch it.  It turned out wonderful.  Thank you so much.  If you ever need any testimonials, let us know." Jaime & Zach

"You captured our day perfectly and it was fun to see all the people who were there to help make the day special. It was also a good reminder of what actually occurred that day since it was kind of a blur. Great job, we'd recommend you!"
Steve & Janet

"We just wanted to take the opportunity to tell you that we absolutely loved the wedding DVD.  You totally captured the day.  We thoroughly enjoyed replaying our day.  The interviews were so cute.  I wouldn't have changed anything about it.  You did a great job!  Thank you so much!"  Tom & Holly

"We want to thank you for your wonderful job.  We watched the video with our parents and we love it.  The sound turned out great.  Shots & editing are perfect.  We are glad that we found you. We will cherish it for a lifetime.  We will be happy to recommend you if anyone ever needs it."  Brian & Arivia

"Given only a few days to complete a shortened version of our video, Back Row Video created a very picturesque and complete overview of our wedding. It was well done, professional and extremely creative. We are VERY impressed and pleased with their excellent work!"
 Kevin & Anna

"We received our wedding DVD.  It looks great!"  Jay & Michelle

"We got the DVD today. It was WONDERFUL. You did an absolute amazing job!!!!  Thanks so much "  Dan & Emily

"We received the DVDs.  They look really good.  We are very pleased with them"  Keith & Nikki

"We watched your video...THANKS! You did a phenomenal job.  We watched several other people's videos from their weddings and we definitely think yours is the best!  The sound is great, the cuts from camera to camera in the ceremony were tremendous, and you got everything from the reception that we missed.  We sincerely appreciate the work you've done for us in preserving our wedding day.  THANKS again!"  Brian & Natalie

"The video turned out great!  It's exactly what we needed...we got the right amount of detail we wanted for a great price and didn't have to pay an arm and a leg to get something too extravagant.  It's neat to be able to recount the day and see certain parts that we may have missed.  We're definitely glad we made the choice to have it videotaped.  I'd be so sad if we had decided not to do it.  Thanks again for all your hard work.  We'll be sure to recommend you to our friends."  Jen & Derek

"We were so thrilled to see the moments we 'missed' that you managed to capture on video.  We couldn't be happier with our DVD and the service we received from Back Row Video.  You did a great job!   Thank you." 
Kim & Dave

"Thanks for an awesome wedding video.  You are great."  Jarred & Lindy

"We loved our entire wedding DVD, especially the reception highlights video. It was very professional and very emotive. Back Row Video did an excellent job of capturing the moments and the feel of our special day. We highly recommend them to anyone."
Glenn & Erin

"I was very impressed with your
excellent job. Wow! It was incredible. Very nice. Thank you so much." MJ & Joel

"Your wedding is such an important day and it can be dizzying how quickly it flies by. We are delighted to have all of the wonder of our wedding captured on film so we can relive those moments. There were too many for one person to soak in all at once. Thanks to Back Row Video, we can watch the moment Cara appeared in all her glory, and hear every word of the best men's speeches. Such moments shouldn't be left to memory alone."
Todd & Cara

"What a great wedding video. It turned out perfect. The reception was a pleasure to watch."
Todd & Stephanie

"We were very pleased with the video. Your attention to detail, editing, and added features made our video unique and very professional. Everyone who watched the video was impressed."
Brendon & Mary



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