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Back Row Video was established in 2004 in Archbold, Ohio and then relocated to Lancaster, PA in 2007.  It is owned and operated by Chad Short.  Chad is well experienced in filming weddings, musicals & plays, dance recitals, sporting events, training videos, and more. 

Chad got his start in video by filming his sister's wedding back in 2002.  "I borrowed a decent video camera from a friend and set it up in the back row of the church, and from that point on, I was hooked.  I decided to call my business Back Row Video to remind me of how it all began." 

In July of 2009, Chad tied the knot himself and he and his wife Greta incorporated lots of video into their wedding.

About 2 months before the wedding, they made a funny five minute 'Save The Date' video that was uploaded to Youtube and emailed out to all their wedding guests. "We gave our guests a small glimpse into our lives and what they could expect on the wedding day.  People are still talking about it today." 

For the wedding day itself, Greta and Chad did not have a traditional wedding.  Instead they rented a big hall and had a dinner theater style wedding with guests seated around tables with snacks to munch on.  Chad created a 30-minute video made up of short wedding scenes from a handful of popular movies.  "It was just a way to entertain our guests who showed up early."

"We had a lot of friends from out of state and abroad that were unable to attend our wedding and we didn't want them to be left out.  So we set up a video camera and a laptop computer in the back of the room and broadcast the entire wedding day live on the internet.  We had over 280 people watching from 8 different countries.  We constantly hear from friends who tell us how great that was for them."

Chad also created a 10-minute video entitled "Get to Know Us" that was shown during the meal.  "Greta and I talked about how we first met, our first date, and how we got engaged.  By the end of the video, all our guests felt like they knew us well."

Chad hired two local videographers to film his wedding and he did the editing himself.  "If you can afford it, having two videographers is the way to go.  It's like being in two places at the same time and gives you so much more perspective of all the happenings."


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